Top Ten Twitter Tidbits (#UTLeg Edition)

twitter overcapacityRecently, I went through the process of culling the list of people I follow on Twitter.

It had, frankly, gotten a little out of control and was in need of updating. Among the profiles that I unfollowed were Snowball (@utahferalcat), Carl Wimmer (@carlwimmer), John Swallow (@JohneSwallow), and Mark Shurtleff (@MarkShurtleff).

In the process, I was reminded that the world of Twitter is full of fascinating little tidbits, even when it comes to Utah politics. So I put together my list of Top Ten Twitter Tidbits, #UTLeg Edition.

A couple of disclaimers (and explanations) in advance:

  • I compiled data using the excellent list of legislator contact information created by Libertas Institute, so if I’ve missed anyone’s profile, I’m sorry.  It’s a possibility.  Please don’t rely on this data.  I wouldn’t.
  • I compiled the information while paying strict attention (I promise!) during a CLE this morning.  It’s possible (even probable) that my numbers are already out of date.  I can’t stop the internets, people!
  •  I compiled the stats using the web application Twitonomy, primarily because it was free and seemed to work well enough.

And without further ado, here are your Top Ten Twitter Tidbits, #UTLeg Edition:

1. Total Twitter Usage.

Out of 104 legislators, 66 have active Twitter profiles.  That puts the usage rate at just over 63%, a solid D+.

2. Non-Tweeters with Profiles.

There are three legislators with Twitter profiles who have never tweeted.  Reps. Dee (@RepBradDee) and Fawson (@UtahLegDist7), and Sen. Shiozawa (@BrianShiozawaMD).  We’ll give Rep. Fawson a pass, seeing as he just got sworn in this morning! 🙂

But to Rep. Dee and Sen. Shiozawa — use or lose it, fellas!

3. Light Tweeters.

In addition to the non-tweeting account holders, eleven of our intrepid legislators have tweeted less than ten times.  Two of them, Rep. Noel (@MikeNoelHD73) and Senator Jenkins (@senatorjenkins) haven’t tweeted since the day they set up their accounts.

4. I Hate #Hashtags!

In addition to the non-tweeters, thirteen of our tweeting legislators — Rep. Barlow (@RepBarlow), Rep. Eliason (@steveeliason), Rep. Froerer (@Gage_Froerer), Rep. Handy (@StephenHandyUT), Rep. Ipson (@donnieipson), Rep. Layton (@danalayton), Rep. Oda (@CurtisOdaUtah), Rep. Sagers (@dougsagers), Rep. Stratton (@KevenStratton), Rep. Webb (@CurtWebbUtah), Rep. Wiley (@LarryBWiley), Rep. Wilson (@BradWilsonUtah), and Senator Jenkins (@senatorjenkins) —  have never used a hashtag.

In the #mosttweetswithnohashtags competition, Rep. Handy is the runaway winner, having managed to tweet 174 times without using a single hashtag (not including retweets with hashtags).


5. I Heart #Hashtags.

Of our tweeting officials who did use hashtags, Senator Adams (@JStuartAdams) was the most common Senate offender, averaging 1.84 hashtags per tweet (over the course of 173 tweets).

In the House, Rep. Kennedy (@MikeKennedyUtah) is the winner with a whopping 2.82 average — but only over the course of 17 total tweets.

Of the more prolific tweeters, the runaway House winner is Rep. Briscoe (@RepBriscoe), averaging 2.24 hashtags per tweet over the course of 1,730 total tweets!!  For those scoring at home, that’s a total of #3,875.2 hashtags (just ignore everything after the decimal point, I can’t explain it either).

6.  Big Tweeter in the House.

The most prolific tweeter among our state representatives is, far and away, David Lifferth (@DavidLifferth), with a total of 8,521 total tweets!  Rep. Lifferth has accounted for 31.2% of all tweets from the members of the House of Representatives.

And only one of those tweets required an apology!

7.  Big Tweeter in the Other House.

The most prolific tweeter among our state senators is — anyone want to take a shot in the dark? — Sen. Weiler (@gopTODD), with 17,610 total tweets!

Not a typo.

By himself, Senator Weiler accounts for 74.1% of the total tweets emanating from the members of the state’s upper house.

Heck, by himself Sen. Weiler accounts for 34.5% of ALL tweets made by ALL current legislators in Utah.  And he shows no signs of slowing down.  What else would you expect from a man who can tweet while standing at the podium during the State Republican Nominating Convention?

I suspect that someone better at math than myself, could, based on current tweeting rates, calculate the precise date when Sen. Weiler will have out-tweeted both houses of our state legislature.  I’m betting it happens sometime in late 2016 . . . .

8.  Most Twitterific House.

In the battle of houses, the Utah Senate bests the Utah House with an average tweet output per member of 1,188 compared to 607.

But this is largely due to the prodigious efforts of Senator Weiler alone.  Without him, the Senate would average a paltry 307 tweets per member, with Sens. Henderson (@DeidreHenderson) and Madsen (@votemadsen) the only ones other than Weiler that have crossed the 1,000 tweet threshold.

9.  The Favorites.

The legislator who has authored the most “Favorited” tweets is Senator Weiler, with 779.

Running second is Rep. Brian King, with 556.  But in the “Favorites per Tweet” category,  Rep. King (@RepBrianKing) comes in first at 18.5 percent of his tweets being favorited, with Sen. Weiler at 4.4%.

10.  Now that you Mention it.

Sen. Weiler and Rep. King again go head to head for “Mentions,” with Sen. Weiler winning the absolute count at 2,421, and Rep. King in second place with 1,491.  When averaged over number of Tweets, Rep. King almost crosses the 50 percent barrier, with .497 mentions per tweet.  Sen. Weiler comes in at   .137 mentions per tweet — still remarkable given the output.

That’s the top ten list, but I’d thought I’d throw in a couple bonus awards . . . .

Most Ironic Profile.

The winner of the “Most Ironic Profile” award goes to John Swallow, whose profile description reads, “Utah Attorney General, fighting white collar crime, federalism, and protecting children.”

Aside from the obvious irony, the tagline leaves one a bit uncertain whether Swallow is fighting for federalism and fighting to protect children, or whether he fights against federalism and protecting children. Regardless, Swallow hasn’t tweeted from his profile since May 5, 2013.

I’ll Favorite You . . .

The winner of the “Most Likely to Favorite Another’s Tweet” award goes to . . . our Lieutenant Governor, Spencer J. Cox (@SpencerJCox).  I don’t have the data to back this up, but unless our L.G. makes a habit of favoriting only my tweets, I’m pretty sure that I’m on solid ground. 🙂


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