Top Three Lobbyists in Utah [Poll Results]

Foxley and Pignanelli
Foxley and Pignanelli
Frank Pignanelli (left) and Doug Foxley (right)

The results are in for  our 100% unscientific, but fully “official” Utah Politico Hub poll on Utah’s top lobbyist.

If we can learn nothing from what an non-scientific, non-statistically relevent, online poll, it’s that our readers believe that the best lobbyists in Utah are come in twos.

And the top three lobbyists are:

    1. Doug Foxley and Frank Pignanelli:Not only do Doug and Frank get our official nod as Utah’s top lobbyists, but they get a nod for their willingness to poke fun at themselves as well.

  1. Chris Kyler and Mike Ostermiller, both of Kyler, Kohler, Ostermiller and Sorensen, LLP.Chris and Mike say they “have built their practice on the foundation that winning is everything,” and if your opinion is reflective, they’re succeeding.
  2. Dave Stewart of Legislative Executive Consulting and Greg Curtis, former Speaker of the Utah House, of Curtis Consulting.
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