Tough times for Democrats

“So this event (the Democratic debates) was as serious as a funeral, maybe because it was. At least the moderates in that Party, for now, are dead.” – Greg Gutfeld, the Five, Fox News.

By David Rogers

This is not a statement I would normally make, but I feel bad for Nancy Pelosi. The leader of the House and third in line for the presidency must be losing her mind at a dizzying pace. And the source of her uncomfortable ruminations has nothing to do with Republicans or Donald Trump. Her palpitations are coming from within her own Party. Only six months after the mid-terms we are witnessing the hard left wing of the entire Democrat Party. And it showed up in abundance in last week’s primary debates.

With Pelosi foot soldiers like Nadler and Schiff spending their time on nothing but endless and empty Trump prosecutions, a huge vacuum in the Democrat platform is created. The young, radical, Ocasio-Cortez led, Justice Democrats funded newbies on the far left are filling that void and creating a serious headache for Speaker Pelosi. She is already on record with quips poking at the naiveté and inexperience of these new, fringe mouthpieces. Pelosi knows, through decades of experience, that the average voter is fairly middle of the road, and that if you can’t convince the uncommitted Independents, the same bunch that put Trump in the White House, you can’t prevail over much of anything.

The far left messaging that is now dominating the Democrat rhetoric is only resonant with a limited group of true believers. From a practicality and policy perspective, much of the as-of-yet unsettled Democrat platform pointing to 2020 simply will not play with the core of American voters. Pelosi is all too aware of this and it obviates immense concern. Yet what can she do about it? The runaway train has left the station and is barreling downhill at an accelerated pace.

As the first series of debates were held last month, the posturing towards the far left ideas taking frontstage within the party was on full display. Candidates fell all over each other to see who could position themselves farthest left and make the most outrageous promises. Harris, Warren, Booker, Yang, O’Rourke, Buttigieg, Castro, Gillibrand, and others rushed to be the first to emote outrageous policy positions and one-up on the giveaways. The list was substantial, filled with the unsustainable talking points that are being used to differentiate the “new Democrats”.

Global warming as the number one existential threat (beating the only-twelve-years-left drum), complete elimination of national borders, free health care for all illegal immigrants, eliminating private health insurance and implementing a single payer system, labeling firearms as a national health crisis, reparations for blacks, reparations for gays, free college, forgiving all student debt, eliminating fossil fuels for 100% green energy, the insane concepts go on and on. Actual centrists within the party such John Delaney or Steve Bullock were rendered irrelevant by their own moderation. Even Bernie Sanders, the avowed Socialist and Darling of 2016, seems old, tired, and dated in his rhetoric compared to the new radicalism.

The fundamental problem here is that the average American does not resonate with these ideas. They may serve as edible fodder for the true believer, global socialist utopian crowd, but in the real world, they are pie-in-the-sky concepts that have no possibility of success. Quite the opposite, if a Democrat candidate devoted to such ideas were to ascend to the White House, and had an equally deluded and cooperative Congress, America as we know it would be gone in just a few years. Such policies would burn down our economy faster than a dry California stand of pines.

If this hard left turn continues throughout the primaries and into the general election, a second term for Trump is almost a given, assuming our current situation continues and we see a fair two-party race. Even with the supportive press and allied social media preparing an all-out assault in favor of the anointed Democrat and against anything and everything Trump (a factor many experts believe is worth up to 15 points in a general election), the platform the new left Democrats are building will fall flat in Middle America.

It will be interesting to see how the old Pelosi, Schumer, Biden led elements within the Democrat party react to all of this “innovation”. The one significant takeaway is that the old leadership and new upstarts are far apart on what they believe the future of the party should reflect. As of now, the media is siding with the new blood, perhaps hoping that a combined message from the stage and the screen together will somehow sway the masses. For the good of us all, let’s hope they are as misguided as they appear and Speaker Pelosi can restore some semblance of sanity.

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