Trump and the deep state


verb; gerund or present participle: gas-lighting:

To manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity.

By David Rogers

Numerous critics and pundits continue in their outspoken condemnation of President Trump. But is Trump the real problem? Is his world view the threat to America? He is the leader of the Free World. But what if he sees the world he is leading heading into situations that will curtail or destroy that freedom? Should he just go along with the program? Or should he strive for something different, even if he will be labeled radical, incompetent or worse?

One thing is obvious by now. Donald Trump is not a career politician. If he can be explained in any way at all he should be seen as an opportunist, a pragmatist, and one heckuva self-promoter. He is no angel, but he is certainly not the devil. Are the problems we are seeing in his administration his own doing, or are there hidden agendas working to subvert his agenda? To make sense of current events, we must consider the operations of the Deep State. As America is being gas-lighted by the press and promoters of government control, those who will not accept the lines we are being fed must step back and peer through a more critical lens.

The last few weeks have brought a flurry of conflicting actions. The firing of James Comey, the attack on Syria several leaks from an unknown source documenting alleged Comey memos and so on and so forth. Add to this Julian Assange all but stating directly that the Wiki Leaks involving Clinton during the 2016 election came from Seth Rich (the mysteriously murdered DNC operative) blowing the Russian narrative out of the water. Yet the mainstream press borders on sedition and the entrenched politicians and bureaucrats seem uncooperative. The agenda Trump ran on is being buried in controversy upon controversy, distraction after distraction. Is the Deep State winning against the Trump agenda? Why all the commotion?

Ex-CIA Deputy Director and conspiracy researcher Robert Steele has a few insights into this situation, as do numerous alternative news sources, though it is doubtful you will hear any in-depth analysis of the real issues on CNN. I have conjectured previously that the establishment, unelected bureaucracy, also known as the Deep State, would have two choices if Trump actually tried to go on a government cleansing binge. Any attempt to alter business as usual in Washington would ultimately result in two outcomes: co-optation or termination. There is no in between. You can hear Mr. Steele’s analysis here:

The American people would like to believe they elect their President. The 2016 election brought that premise into question, as intrigue surrounded the quashing of Bernie Sanders and the rigged ascension of Hillary Clinton. With the unlikely election of Trump, the American people would now like to believe that the President can change the dysfunction in Washington. The right President could indeed attempt to restore fading American strength and exceptionalism. But the 2016 Election also exposed the deep corruption and exploitation within our own system. To now deflect those endemic problems to outside sources such as the Russians, Wiki Leaks or Trump himself is absurd. Yet gullible viewers buy into the hype and nonsense en masse.

The evidence less than four months into Trump’s tenure may suggest his agenda is in more trouble than originally anticipated. Trump is surrounded by Washington Insiders that work against his agenda as much as for it. Reince Priebus, Mike Pence and even Son-in-Law Jared Kushner (a young man with deep financial ties to George Soros) among others are suspect. The whirling dervish that is the Trump administration is indicative of a man who cannot tell what his own subordinates may do from day to day, even though he must give them his trust and dispensation to act. Of course, media and pundits nationwide will claim it is the man himself, his inexperience and inabilities that lead to these situations. But what if there is something more to this puzzle?

It is true enough that Trump has little political experience. But it is also true he has had considerably more executive experience than many Presidents of the past century. His business success can only come from someone who knows the lay of the land. And that political topography appears ever more corrupt. But in the course of trying to check abuses of power what happens when the people you must rely on and trust the most turn against you and/or your agenda without notice? What if your cabinet and the many appointed bureaucrats you inherited from the last administration engage in direct opposition to the core changes you wish to make as President? What if the entrenched players surrounding you like things the way they are, corrupt or not? What would that look like?

It would probably look exactly like the situation we are experiencing today. Media purporting absurd and borderline seditious claims such as Russian interference in our election while demanding action against the President without proper proof or process. Six months later we still have not a scintilla of hard evidence, but the accusations continue. We have leaks on sensitive and often misleading information coming from every corner of the administration. What would a savvy and practical businessman do in such a situation? He would probably fire everyone. But this is government, and such a house cleaning is easier said than done. Listen to Dick Morris’ Assessment of the White House trump inherited, claiming it is full of Obama moles:

Trump cannot fire tens of thousands of unnecessary or adversarial bureaucrats himself. There are simply not enough hours in the day. Trump is working around the clock, but he must still rely on appointees or sitting department heads to help execute a plan for cleaning house. But those plans are being stalled or ignored as entrenched career employees deflect and one manufactured emergency after another is foisted on the administration. It is a difficult situation. And of course the biggest loser is not Trump, but the American people.

The game is an easy one to play. Fleece Trump from every angle and make him look like he is not in control, and in fact he may not be with so much internal dissension. Turn the volume up loud enough and you can make Trump look ineffectual. It is a poorly suppressed fact that Democrats are conspiring on an Article 25 impeachment proceeding. The basis? Trump is unable to competently govern. He is accused of suffering from Alzheimer’s or some other condition that results in his incapability to maintain control while his cabinet runs amok. What happens then? Mike Pence steps in. And under his administration business goes back to normal in Washington. The Deep State (including the underfunded military industrial complex under Obama) gets all the taxpayer dollars it needs, the bloated bureaucracy continues to suckle at the teat of the Treasury, and America slips deeper into debt and further out of global power and influence.

It is a warming thought for those that want Washington put in check to believe that Donald Trump can be the American President of change. But the reality might indeed be that no President can ever effect the change that he or the American people envision. The bureaucracy may have already surpassed critical mass. And that is very bad news for all of us. The Deep State has the Trump administration on its heels. Is there a correction and comeback in the works? Or will further instability ensue? One thing is crystal clear. If Donald Trump truly wants to keep his campaign promises and drain the swamp he is currently mired in, he is in for one of the greatest battles in this country’s history. And if significant change cannot be implemented in Washington, we all lose in the long run.

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