Trump, the tragic hero

“Here the thing I think about Trump. Say what you will about him, I think his outer voice is an entirely accurate depiction of his inner voice, as crazy as that is on some things. I don’t think Hillary Clinton’s outer voice and inner voice have ever even had a cup of coffee together[.]” – Dennis Miller on the Ben Shapiro Show.

By David Rogers

In the aftermath of the Mueller report, we now have information surrounding the origins of this fiasco coming to light. Despite the report finding no evidence of conspiracy or collusion by Trump or his campaign with Russia,  Democrats are moving forward as if, somehow, there is more investigation and some inevitable proof to come. In the meantime, President Trump has a new Attorney General and the details of the origins of this investigation are coming to light. This casts an unfortunate shadow on government operations both past and present. On Fox News Sunday, Trump indicated he is pursuing shady dealings within the past administration that resulted in a two-year cloud over his presidency. This amounts to nothing less than a showdown.

Author and Stanford professor Victor Davis Hanson has compared Trump to the tragic hero archetype. And in this depiction, he is most accurate. President Trump is much like the wily gunfighter called in to clean up a town full of outlaws. Once the shooting has stopped the townsfolk are relieved when the gunfighter moves on. Despite their gratitude that an ugly mess was cleaned up, nobody wants the crusty gunfighter over for dinner or calling upon their daughter. Trump fits the metaphor.

The whole concocted Russia situation, coupled with the revealed prospect of the potential weaponizing of government resources against a presidential candidate, amount to a high noon showdown at the OK Corral, politically speaking. It is becoming clear that the origins of the Mueller investigation were the efforts of federal powers to move upon a duly elected president with subterfuge and outright lies. The Steele Dossier, a collection of fabrications that were presented to a FISA court to spy on the Trump campaign and justify a Special Counsel, looks increasingly like an illegal operation to undermine the electoral process through administrative fiat.

This creates a no-win situation for Trump, and he must indeed begin to live up to the tragic hero he was elected to become. The “drain the swamp” mandate offered to voters now turns upon the very powers that fired the first shots at Trump. It looks as though Trump is about to return fire.

When AG Barr acknowledged there was spying on the Trump campaign to a recent congressional committee, it was clear the duel was on. The problem is that the evidence points straight back at Clinton, Obama, Page, Comey, Brennan, and others. Leaders of the past administration along with the Clinton campaign appear to have sanctioned this attempted coup on a presidency. And Trump is not one to duck and run under fire. He has instructed Barr to open an investigation into these allegations.

With this whole scene is that the corruption of the Clinton and Obama years is now being thrust out into the open. Mainstream media can no longer ignore the story. Were Trump to overlook the situation, it would become clear that there are different standards of justice for government elites and regular citizens. That would not play well with the average voter. If Trump does his job and pursues these this to its logical outcome, we very well may see some big names among Democrats and past Bureaucrats come under indictment. That would send the left into paroxysms of rage. And the streets of America may very well turn violent with the reaction of left-leaning agitators.

Either way, the good townsfolk of America will be caught in a crossfire. If our tragic hero shrinks from his duty, he is forever branded a coward and the town is weighed down under continued outlaw rule. If he does his job, then bullets fly and the streets may well run with blood. Either way, the outcome is not pleasant. Clint Eastwood never had such a tough assignment in his famous westerns. This time, the stakes are real.

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