Twelve reasons why I will vote for Donald Trump

By David Rogers
By David Rogers

Enough time has passed from the primaries to get a good bead on the upcoming election. With apologies to Gary Johnson supporters, there are only two legitimate candidates running for President (that is with an actual chance of being elected). It is Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Two candidates with unprecedented unfavorable ratings. What a country!

I have mulled this over and researched the issues to death. There is only one choice if America is to have any chance at a future, and that choice is fraught with risk. I side with Governor Herbert, the choice must be Donald Trump. Let me break down the thinking behind this choice. And I qualify this by saying I voted for Ted Cruz in the Utah primaries and would have greatly preferred to see him still standing. That would have been a no-brainer. But the candidates are the candidates. Further, I have officially lost any lingering trust in the mainstream media to tell me anything truthful about either of the candidates. It is all lies and propaganda on the television these days. It is either relentless character assassination in Trump’s case, or the overlooking of fatal character flaws in Clinton’s case. Neither is helpful.

And please, spare the “I am no longer a Republican because any party that gave me Trump is not my party” blather. The Republican Party did not put Trump in place as the Republican candidate, the American voters did, through a historically vigorous primary turnout. If anything, the Republican Party has fought Trump (cue Mitt Romney) the entire way. Now, the party, and conservatives across the nation, have a difficult choice. Unite or die. And a President Hillary Clinton would arguably be the death of America as we know it.

Below I list twelve key issues and why I believe, according to these issues, Trump is the only rational choice we have in this election. I am not saying he is the best choice, just the only logical one based on what is offered:

Issue 1 – Foreign Policy

Hillary Clinton is a key player and extension of Obama’s failed foreign policy that has greatly reduced America’s influence across the globe. Her dealings with the Middle East, Russians and Chinese as Secretary of State are nothing short of treasonous. I guarantee you Russian leaders were laughing uncontrollably as Hillary hit the red “reset” button. Just brilliant. Donald Trump will at least re-establish America’s role as a superpower, which is what many concerned foreign leaders have been asking for behind the scenes for years. Will ultra-left foreign interests chafe at him? Maybe, but that is their problem not ours. We owe no one an apology that fails to recognize our best efforts abroad.

Issue 2 – Terrorism and ISIS

Trump’s comment about Obama and Clinton being founders of ISIS is over the top, but accurate in principle. When Bush Jr. left office, we had the Middle East pretty much calmed down. Now look at it. Trump at least wants to take decisive action where necessary and vet incoming people from danger areas abroad. He can actually say “Radical Islamic terrorism” in a sentence.

Issue 3 – Border Security and Immigration

This issue dovetails with #2 above. Clinton’s open borders (to continue to bring in lots more lifelong Democrats) is dangerous, expensive and counterproductive. Trump is labeled as a racist for wanting to vet immigrants. That is only an extension of American policy for hundreds of years, at least prior to Obama. Immigration is productive as long as we have immigrants who want to assimilate. Clinton and other liberals have lost track of that whole assimilation thing, countering any such principle with political correctness, a free pass for all and racist accusations.

Issue 4 – Corruption/Crony Capitalism

If you do not understand the Clintons to be the most corrupt couple ever to hold office you are not paying attention. Trump is the only chance we have to end the plundering of our treasury and national interests for the personal gain of politicians and their special interests, especially if those interests are our traditional enemies (hello Uranium One to Russia).

Issue 5 – Military Strength/National Security

Obama’s “sequestration” and weakening of the military is finally bearing fruit. His policies are decimating the ranks, equipment and leadership of our armed forces. Hillary openly despises the military, the secret service and the police according to numerous documentaries (such as “Inside the White House”). Our military is weak, underfunded and vulnerable. Don’t expect any help from her. Trump would likely reverse that trend if he can find the funding. Many polls show the military voting 87% or better for Trump. Numerous police unions are also on board. Most curious.

Issue 6 – Debt and Economy

Failed liberal policies have killed many of our cities and now threaten our entire economy. Obama is the only President in history never to see a minimum 3% GDP growth. Hillary’s “tax the rich” mantra will not change anything. That neo-Marxist saw is worn out. The U.S. dollar teeters on the brink of collapse. If any turnaround is to come, Trump will literally need to put his political neck on the line and make tough choices on spending and restructuring of debt, which he has promised to do even after the liberal media threatened to blast him regarding any such idea. But to do so, he will be fighting both sides of the aisle. One main reason, perhaps, there are so many “never Trump” Republicans.

Issue 7 – Social Unrest/Race Relations

Trump summed it up succinctly in Milwaukee, “What have you got to lose?” A vote for Clinton is a vote for continuation of failed liberal policies that have nearly destroyed minority communities. While Trump is incessantly being branded a racist, his ideas to put inner cities back to work, thus restoring individual pride, family sanctity and community spirit, is the right one. The polar opposite of liberal dependency. How he will possibly do this is anyone’s guess. But he has caught the ear of many in minority communities, even if no one would admit it to the pollsters or the mainstream media.

Issue 8 – Runaway Media/Political Correctness

Trump is skewered constantly for saying what he feels. Most Americans do not agree with some of his expressions, but quietly most of us understand the frustration and perceived dysfunction behind his comments. We feel them too, even if we might express them a bit more delicately. The firestorm I predicted from the press has erupted in unprecedented fashion. If Trump has accomplished anything, he has ripped the lid off the leftist bias and garbage propaganda posing as news. And he also has framed the debate of how politically correct thought and speech does not actually solve problems, but often exacerbates them. Anyone who values free speech and pragmatic solutions should take note.

Issue 9 – Creeping Socialism/Constitutional Deterioration

Hillary Clinton has sold our national interests for cash. She cares as much for the constitutional restraints we are supposed to have in our government about as much as I care for a root canal. She is elitist to the core and obviously considers herself above the law. She is very dangerous on these issues, as is Obama. A Clinton presidency means goodbye gun rights, goodbye free speech, goodbye Supreme Court. Truly chilling. Trump has at least hinted he wants Second Amendment rights and other constitutional guarantees as well as a conservative Supreme Court. But I am not entirely convinced where his heart is on this.

Issue 10 – Trade Deficits/Trade Agreement

Trump is right on NAFTA. It has cost the American economy and American jobs. The upcoming Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is little more than imposed global socialism disguised as a trade treaty. Heaven help us if Obama shoves it through before he leaves office. Of course, Clinton would finish that job if given the opportunity. Negotiating more functional and favorable trade deals is unquestionably where Trump would shine. Hearing foreign leaders bristle at his ideas just makes me chuckle as an experienced businessman. They know he would change the balance, and quickly, which would end their gravy train of outflowing American dollars. It might shore things up at home however.

Issue 11 – “Globalization”

Obama has done much to weaken the sovereign interests of the United States and subordinate them to more multi-national and multi-cultural concerns. His apology tour, beginning in 2009, should have told us all we needed to know. D’Nesh D’Souza nailed Obama in the movie “2016”. He is an anti-Colonial, who views the U.S. as the perpetrator of exploitative abuse around the world; an entity that needs to be contained. Hillary would throw gas on that fire by selling out our sovereignty for her own gain, not just for some misplaced globalist ideal. Trump has taken tremendous flak for raising a nationalist “America First” mantra. If we are not to go broke, or completely surrender much of our sovereignty to foreign interests in the next four years, that is a fair stance.

Issue 12 – Obamacare

That whole socialization thing is epitomized in Obamacare. The Affordable Care Act was designed with one purpose, to ultimately fail and require a socialized single payer system as “the cure”. This would give our government complete oversight and control over one sixth of our economy. The plan is already failing as Blue Cross, United, Aetna and others are bailing in 2017. Trump would deregulate borders between states and allow insurers to bid in an open and competitive market. A much better idea than government health care if you comprehend insurance markets.

That is it in a nutshell. Do I actually believe that Trump could achieve all this? I have no idea. But as I wrote earlier, this whole election is a gamble. With Hillary Clinton we know what the results will be: unmitigated disaster. With Donald Trump, there is the slimmest of hope we can find a temporal solution to a divided and failing nation. Is he a paper tiger, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, or a simple opportunist? Hard to say, especially with media spinning him like a Duncan yo-yo. We must admit to the possibility however. I can still see him have the temerity to evolve into a statesman ala Reagan, but I would not bet the house on it. There may still be an Überführer Trump lurking in there somewhere.

But we need to be real here. A vote for Gary Johnson, or anyone else, is effectively a vote for Hillary. Not a positive outcome. Will I vote for Trump with a clear conscience? Not entirely, but I will have thought the issues and outcomes through carefully, putting emotion on the back burner, looking cold and hard at the realities we face. Here is the difficult truth America. Clinton will kill us, Trump might, just might, give us half a chance. That is the best deal we will find, and that is good enough for me.

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