Two Visions of America

By David Rogers

As we edge closer to Election Day 2020, at a time when mail-in voting has already begun, a careful analysis of the issues in play is crucial. It is not an overstatement to say that the 2020 national election may be the most important in history. While things in Utah are fairly status quo, on the national stage they are more tumultuous than at any time in recent memory. What is at stake are two fundamentally diametric visions of what America is and what we may become.

Utah is a fairly homogenous state. Spencer Cox will almost certainly be the next Governor and the only truly interesting local election may be Ben McAdams versus Burgess Owens. Regardless of how other elections at the local, county, and state-level fair, things will likely move along much as before. Nationally, the story is much different. The two campaigns reflect a very divergent view of the past, present, and future of America.

In the Biden camp, we are lectured according to a vision of a broken history and the current awful state of America. America is a racist, corrupt and dysfunctional place where opportunity is lost and the system is patently unfair according to Biden. Despite being in politics for only three short years, this is somehow all packaged as Trump’s fault. The only way to fix this forlorn situation is to elect the Biden – Harris ticket to deliver us from the clutches of President Trump and the rest of the evil Trumpians that are fingered as the unmitigated source of all of America’s woes.

This would all be very concerning and worthy of our closest attention if it had any grounding in documentable facts whatsoever. The majority of Biden’s rhetoric, and indeed most of the stances elucidated in his platform, have very little bearing on any actual reality. Instead, he has concocted the ultimate in historical boogeymen, with the eager assistance of lapdog press and leftist intellectual elites (Project 1619 anyone), labeling Trump and his associates as a national disease of historic proportion in need of a Democratic cure. A thin premise is sure to play with only the most devout of leftists. Constant repetition of outright lies and half-truths are a poor way to manage a campaign.

Trump, on the other hand, has built a rapid and effective track record of policy success. In a few short years, he managed to institute major economic, foreign policy, and domestic program changes that have yielded benefits to every socio-economic stratum in the country. Along with this, he forwards a sincere vision of the uniqueness and greatness of American ingenuity and innovation. Trump may still move about politically like a bull in a china shop, but it is clear he understands the fundamental strengths of an open market economy and how every American may benefit from it.

Slowly, deliberately, Trump has attempted to restore this vision of “American greatness”. While such an undertaking does involve some hyperbole (much different than outright falsehoods), he actually restored confidence in labor and markets, revving up the economy at an unprecedented rate despite America’s shaky economic underpinnings. When Covid hit, a phenomenon neither Trump nor anyone else in Washington had any direct control over, the landscape changed. Yet Trump has walked a tightrope in trying to balance personal safety while minimizing economic consequences. He has at least bailed a fair amount of water out of a listing ship of state.

Biden seeks to blame Trump for all of the ills we are currently experiencing. Yet it is Democrat-led cities and states that are suffering most. For a candidate painting a particular rewritten history of doom and gloom, Biden is reticent to actually acknowledge which Party controls the areas of greatest distress. Do not expect the cooperative, Biden sympathetic press to shed any light on the real causes of distress.

These two visions of America are polarizing. It is unhealthy and unproductive to see America through the dismal lens that the Biden campaign is using. Such misleading rhetoric only serves to embolden the disenchanted. Trump’s position is a platform of optimism and hope, arguably the most critical ingredient in a time of crisis. Trump showed us in his first three years a panacea of possibilities. Hope is a cure for despair. If America is indeed in trouble, hope is the most effective cure.

Trump’s vision of America should and must carry the day if we are to have any chance at a return to previous normality and prosperity. Biden’s vision for our future would be punishing and catastrophic.

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