“What is happening in these ICE facilities [is that] they pilot how they can abuse privacy rights, how they can abuse human rights, and they scale that up.” – Rep. Ayanna Pressley

“We shouldn’t revise history. We are a country built on the backs of slaves and stolen land. Independence Day allows us to reflect on how far we’ve come and how far we have to go.” – Rep. Ilhan Omar

“Never again means something … the fact that concentration camps are now an institutionalized practice in the home of the free is extraordinarily disturbing.” – Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

By David Rogers

The editorials are piling up outlining the rise of extreme radical leftists within the Democrat Party. This movement is now being championed by four Representatives taking the appellation of “The Squad”. As they make war on Nancy Pelosi and any remnants of past Democrat leadership, supported by the press, they are forwarding the most caustic rhetoric ever heard from anyone elected to supposedly represent American citizens. They are, to put it bluntly, unworthy of public office.

Let us for a moment put aside some of the low hanging fruit obviating why these four individuals should not hold power. Let us not consider that their campaigns were organized and funded by suspicious sources. Let us not consider their past cumulative preparation for high office is negligible. Let us not consider that they are coached, cued and groomed by forces (hello Justice Democrats) that do not have America’s best interest at heart.

We can even put aside (mostly) their spiteful, divisive, inaccurate, inflammatory and anti-American rhetoric. Despite their accusations that everyone (including Pelosi) that disagrees with their radical viewpoints does so because of some racist, misogynist or xenophobic flaw in their character, we can attribute such outbursts to current Democrat ideology. This is standard procedure for shutting down all debate from those who disagree with leftist positions. What we cannot dismiss however is the fact that they do not in any significant way represent the general outlook or interests of the constituents who put them into office.

I doubt that many Brooklynites believe we have concentration camps on the border, where illegal immigrants receive better benefits at times than the citizens of New York. I doubt citizens in Minnesota ponder the alleged historic evils of Israel as Omar imagines. It is unlikely that the good folks in Massachusetts are wondering how a department of the U.S. government is overtly planning to abuse human rights as a matter of policy. It is highly dubious anyone in these districts praised protestors at an ICE facility in Colorado as they desecrated the American flag and raised the Mexican flag as these miscreants have.

It is arguable that few people under any jurisdiction of these elected Representatives, at least anyone who studies the issues at hand, truly believes President Trump is akin to a Nazi. Further, amidst all of the America trashing and Trump-bashing, there appears to be no positive agenda, in fact, no agenda at all, to address the issues that affect their constituents on a daily basis.

And, as usual, when Trump calls these plebeians to the carpet he is labeled as a racist, xenophobe, or worse.  The fact is, had Representative Omar’s comments denigrating America come from a tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed man from Norway, Trump would have likely responded in a similar manner.

It has little to do with race if you are censured for hateful comments against the very country that gave you the opportunity of a lifetime. It is not an anti-feminist position to call out blatant lies about people and policy on our border. It is an issue of character, honesty, and attitude, and these four Representatives fail on all counts. Trump‘s comments about “going back where you came from” are sophomoric, but the point is taken. Trump is not the one inexcusably stirring up vitriol against the very system that brought these participants prominence and prosperity.

This caustic rhetoric is more than defective, it is dangerous. It is based on a false narrative about what America has been and therefore offers flawed solutions that seek to take America in a direction it should never go. It condemns America for the very shortcomings the ideology behind the rhetoric is responsible for creating.

Revising and breaking down the history and any allegiance to the traditions of a country is the first step in a Socialist revolution. This goes hand in hand with the intersectional divisions along lines of race, class, gender or other affiliation that these women are practicing. “The Squad” are nothing more than Marxist style radicals with a new marketing campaign. Let’s hope their constituents are listening carefully and send them packing in 2020.

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