Utah County Surveyor, Republican Candidates: Anthony Canto and Todd Osborn

by John Mulholland

With the current Utah County surveyor stepping down, there are two candidates vying to replace him. One is from inside the office, the other from outside. Here is a short write-up of each.

Anthony Canto

Anthony Canto

Anthony has worked in the surveyor’s office for 15 years, 8 as chief deputy. He loves the job and is passionate about protecting personal property rights. Anthony wants to make sure the office keeps running properly. He really likes that the office understands the statutory responsibilities and does them and only them. They are really good at prioritizing their work and working on the most important things. It is one of the smallest surveying departments in the whole state despite being part of such a large county. There are only 7 employees, including the surveyor.

Anthony said that he is very aligned with Gary, the current surveyor, about what needs to be done but one improvement he wants is to be more transparent with their budget. He would like to invite citizens to a public meeting to see what they are getting for their tax dollars and explain any budget increases that he would seek. Anthony wants to be able to give a list of goals to taxpayers every year.

He said that being proactive is very important. They are planning a major data upgrade in 2022 and have already started getting things ready, so it goes much more smoothly. They are upgrading from the 1983 model to the 2022 model. Anthony doesn’t feel it is a responsible use to make minor adjustments to the whole data set every few years as it is very expensive. His plan is to be the first county in the state to complete the upgrade.

(Authors note: Anthony could be seen attending Eggs and Issues to hear from the state legislature)

His convention speech can be found at https://youtu.be/YFCILbg5tkw

Todd Osborn

Todd Osborn

Todd is a licensed land surveyor with over 30 years of experience. He has experience from all over Utah and other states. He loves being outside doing the job with the wind at his back. Todd thinks that the office does a great job of putting information online.

He is concerned, however, that the office has not updated its data to the newer model of the earth. It uses a model from 1927 instead of the updated one from 1983. This causes inaccurate altitude recordings that may be off by more than one foot. This may not seem like much but when working with groups like FEMA to determine what is part of the floodplain, 6 inches can make a difference. Todd is not sure why it hasn’t been updated.

Todd is insistent that the office needs to be very mindful of its budget. It is very important to retain a small staff or you can blow your whole budget, just like the private sector.

His convention speech can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHCd3clp_Bo

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