Utah GOP Chair James Evans Is Looking for More Women Delegates

James Evans
James Evans
James Evans, Utah Republican Party Chair, campaigns at the 2013 Utah Republican Convention (photo credit KUER)

Utah GOP chair James Evans is encouraging attendees to next weeks Republican “neighborhood caucus” meetings to elect more women delegates.

In a letter to precinct chairs, who run the meetings held in each precinct next week on behalf of the Republican Party, Evans notes that historically delegates have been predominantly male.

Historically, nearly 80% of convention delegates have been men, but women comprise half of our caucus attendees and more than half of our voters, and they are important to our party. One of the things that you, as precinct chair, can do to help is to foster an environment in which women feel comfortable running for positions as precinct leaders or delegates.   The party needs good delegates–both women and men–who can bring the concerns of our families, neighborhoods, and communities to the state convention.

Evans letter precedes the Republican neighborhood caucus meetings that will see neighbors gather across the state to select representatives to attend a state convention in April. Delegates will vote on which candidates should receive the Republican nomination. In each race, except when a candidate receives more than 60% of the delegate vote, the top two vote recipients will face off in a primary in June. Count My Vote has criticized the Republican nomination process as excluding women, who make up more than 50% of the voting population.

Evans letter suggests precinct chairs do two things to “foster an environment in which women feel comfortable running for” delegates or leadership positions.

  1. Reach out to women in the neighborhood and ask them to run.
  2. Read the following paragraph, reprinted here from the letter, to encourage women to run.

This year we encourage precincts to elect more women as delegates to the state nominating convention. One half of Republican caucus attendees — and more than one half of Republican voters–are women, but our conventions have historically been nearly 80% male. We know Republican women have excellent insights into their families, neighborhoods, and communities. We believe our party will be stronger if their voices are heard. Please consider this as your nominate and vote for delegates. We would like to see more women at our state convention.

A photo of the letter sent to Utah Republican precinct chairs is below:

Screen Shot of James Evans letter to precinct chairs
Utah Republican Party Chair James Evans sent the above letter to precinct chairs to encourage the recruitment and election of more women as Republican Party delegates.
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