Utah GOP Statement on Presidential Preference Caucus [UPH Wire]

*SALT LAKE CITY, UT (January 27, 2016) *
*Utah Republican Party*
Contact: Cindie Quintana
* Statement on Presidential Preference Caucus*

As Chairman of the Utah Republican Party, one of my main priorities is to
increase citizen involvement at every level of government. Our grassroots
caucus system has served our state well. It continues to be a proven
process for selecting candidates and an effective path of involvement for
every Utah citizen. The 2016 Utah Republican Party caucus is on Tuesday,
March 22 at 7 p.m. – you can find more information on our new website:

As we are now only 55 days away from our caucus night, I am pleased to
announce a few exciting changes we’ve made to increase Utah’s presence and
importance on the 2016 national presidential stage. First, we will be
holding our first ever Presidential Preference Caucus. This means you will
be able to vote for your presidential candidate on caucus night in March
instead of a primary in June.

This change makes Utah a more competitive and influential state in the
presidential race. Additionally, the Utah Republican Party will lead the
nation this year by conducting the first completely online presidential
election. With this simple and secure voting process you can cast your vote
for president from anywhere in the world. I am confident that these changes
will not only increase citizen involvement but produce record voter
turnouts across the state.

The Utah Republican Party will provide caucus trainings online and conduct
live trainings throughout the state. The training will provide information
beneficial to all Utah citizens of voting age or approaching voting age.
Although, county and precinct leaders will find these presentations
especially useful to navigate the exciting changes and help conduct an
effective and efficient caucus experience in 2016.

For additional questions, please contact Bryan Smith at Republican Party
Headquarters at 801.533.9777 or bsmith@utah.gop or visit www.utah.gop.

Chairman James Evans
Utah Republican Party


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