Utah House Majority Response to Medicaid Expansion Presser

SALT LAKE CITY – We welcome and appreciate public engagement on crucial policy issues.  Harkening back to a proposal that not only didn’t pass and was only intended to run for a very limited period of time, but would also place us in the same untenable position 18 months down the road, keeps us from looking forward in a constructive way.

Since the end of the 2015 general session the group of six, established by HCR12, have been meeting regularly to find a sustainable solution to the coverage gap created by Obamacare that doesn’t put the traditional Medicaid population at risk.  We are not debating ‘Healthy Utah’ or ‘Utah Cares’; there is a general consensus to find solutions to our health care challenges.  We hope the interested non-profits didn’t spend too much of their finite dollars on specific plans that are not part of our work.

Speaker Hughes and Representative Dunnigan remain committed to working with the group of six to develop a long-term solution to this problem while also protecting Utah taxpayers.

Originally posted at the Utah House Majority Site. Reposted with permission.


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