Utah political dopplegangers

Notice anything weird about this Salt Lake Tribune story…or at least with the pictures that ran with it?


If you guessed that Rep. Justin Miller looks uncannily like Rep. Jon Stanard, you win!  And the Trib loses – for running a picture of the wrong representative.  But these things can happen.  There are an incredible number of white guys in Utah politics, and, frankly, all white guys look a lot the same.  Here are a few other common mix-ups (aka political doppelgangers) we’ve seen over the years.

Governor Gary Herbert (R-Utah)
Governor Gary Herbert (R-Utah)
Jerry Stevenson
Rep. Jerry Stevenson

Sen. Jerry Stevenson has joked that Gov. Gary Herbert considered him for Lieutenant Governor, only because he could then send Jerry to events in his place and most people wouldn’t notice the difference.  It seems the resemblance comes in the high forehead, small stature, and the resting grumpy face.




Carl Wimmer
Former Rep. Carl Wimmer
Paul Blart
Paul Blart, mall cop.

Former Rep. Carl Wimmer had a striking resemblance to Paul Blart…check out that ‘stache.






State Sen. Pete Knudson
Elder L. Tom Perry of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Elder L. Tom Perry of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Sen. Pete Knudson could be mistaken for a more compact version of the late Elder L. Tom Perry of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.





Rep. Mark Roberts and the InternAsks the green coats, and they’ll tell you Rep. Mark Roberts looks a lot like an intern, specifically like Rep. Mel Brown’s intern.

Kennedy who?On this recent Parent’s for Choice in Education flyer, Rep. Mike Kennedy looks a lot like Rep. Dan McCay, who looks a lot like Rep. Dan McCay, also. You can never have too much Dan McCay, apparently.

But it may be better to be confused with someone else, than to have no one actually have a clue who you are……

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