Utah Politico Summer Reading: Senator Mike Lee [video]

Utah Senator Mike Lee
Utah Senator Mike Lee

It’s not too late to start a new book. And if you need a good idea or two, here are a few that Utah’s politicos are reading.

This is the seventh in the series on what Utah’s politicians have on their summer reading lists.

Senator Mike Lee has represented Utah in the U.S. Senate since 2010. When I asked what was on the Senator’s summer reading list, I didn’t expect a full explanation of why it was and what he enjoyed about the book. 

After all, Senator Lee is a busy guy, and even state legislators have sent me little more than a list of the books they expect to open this summer.

So, while it’s possible someone else out there is looking for Senator Lee’s summer reading list, I’m excited to present to you what’s on Senator Lee’s reading list in his own words.

Thank you, Senator. I much appreciate it.

 Mike Lee’s Summer Reading:Coolidge cover copy

Coolidge by Amity Shlaes

Usually, I’d insert Amazon’s description of the book here, but Senator Lee’s description of the book is more interesting.




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