Utah Rep. Mike Noel’s warning is still being ignored

On January 22, 2016 in St George Utah there was a Congressional Hearing held with Utah Congressmen Bishop, Chaffetz, Stewart, and other congressmen from Arkansas and California concerning the Bureau of Land Managements (BLM)  blatant disregard for the law and the lands bill in Washington County, Utah.

by Monte Wells
by Monte Wells

During the congressional listening session a number of county officials spoke to the panel about the abuse and tyranny the citizens were living under at the hands of the BLM and US Forest Service.

One speaker was Utah Representative Mike Noel who warned the panel that if the land agencies continued down the illegal abusive path they were on against American citizens there would be blood shed.  Just four days later LaVoy Finicum was ambushed and gunned down by Oregon State Police and the FBI because he was protesting these very same illegal actions and abuses throughout the western states.

Despite Rep. Mike Noel’s heart-felt plea to the congressional panel and the ambush and murder of Finicum those on the panel have yet to speak out or take action against the documented illegal actions and abuse of the BLM and other land agencies.  They haven’t as much spoke out to condemn the FBI or even to praise them on the ambush and murder of Finicum.

We the people in rural America appear to have been left out in the cold by the majority of our elected officials which in turn is forcing us into a corner.   We can only hope that officials will stop ignoring Noel’s warning and work to prevent more government abuse and loss of life at the hands of the government.

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