Utah State Auditor – Analysis Report on NCAA Athletics Revenue Subsidization for Utah’s Public Colleges and Universities [UPH Wire]

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*News Release*
*For Immediate Release*
July 7, 2015

*Office of the Utah State Auditor Releases an Analysis Report on NCAA
Athletics Revenue Subsidization for Utah’s Public Colleges and Universities*

*Salt Lake City, UTAH –*

The Office of the Utah State Auditor (Office) today released its *Analysis Report on NCAA Athletics Revenue Subsidization for Utah’s Public Colleges and Universities.*

As part of this examination, the Office reviewed the athletics revenue reported by Utah’s eight public colleges and universities for fiscal years 2012, 2013, and 2014, comparing both total and per student subsidies provided to athletics at each institution.

Utah’s 2014 subsidy totaled over $56 million. The subsidies for the largest programs included over $14 million annually at Utah State University, representing 56.4 percent of its total NCAA athletics revenue,
and nearly $10 million at the University of Utah, or 17.5 percent of its athletics revenue.

The analysis highlights the dramatic differences in per student subsidization by institution during fiscal year 2014. Salt Lake Community College had the lowest per FTE student subsidy at $98.97, while Southern
Utah University had the highest per FTE student subsidy at $1,164.90.

The full Analysis Report may be found on the Office’s website, auditor.utah.gov , specifically at

*About the Office of the Utah State Auditor*
The Office of the Utah State Auditor provides Utah taxpayers and government
officials with an independent assessment of financial operation, statutory
compliance, and performance management for state and local government.

Specific activities of the Office include performing financial audits,
conducting Federal funds compliance audits, providing local government
oversight, conducting agency and program performance audits, performing
fraud and compliance audits, and operating the State Auditor Hotline for
citizens to report suspected financial issues or improprieties. These
capabilities strengthen Utah State Government and help taxpayers have
confidence in the integrity of Utah’s government agencies.

The Utah State Auditor is a Constitutional Officer of the State of Utah,
elected directly by the state’s citizens every 4 years. The role of the
Utah State Auditor is authorized in Article VII, Section 15 of the Utah
Constitution. For more information, see auditor.utah.gov.

Nicole Toomey Davis
Public Information Officer
Office of the Utah State Auditor

pdf icon News-Release-Office-of-the-Utah-State-Auditor-Analysis-Report-No.-AR-15‐02-NCAA-Athletics-Subsidization.pdf

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