Utah State Prison consulting group debarred for fraud and corruption

Utah State Prison consulting group Louis Berger has been debarred by World Bank and has been accused and convicted of “major fraud and corruption.”

“Also, the Louis Berger Group (LBG), the Lead Design Firm on the project has been debarred by the World Bank until February 2016 and it continues to be debarred by the Asian Development Bank (since 2006). Additionally, LBG has been accused and convicted of major fraud and corruption by the US Attorney’s Office as reported by the FBI. The firm wasted millions of dollars in tax payer money and put our troops in harm’s way in Afghanistan.”

Louis Berger Group is the consulting group the State of Utah hired as part of the Utah prison relocation for around $500,000 dollars and then some.  Here is the contract that was obtained by a GRAM request by Melissa Bradley who posted it on the “No Prison in Saratoga Springs” Facebook page.

GRAMA Request Docs from Melissa Bradley

Some may wonder why this is such a big deal?  One big reason is because this prison relocation project is costing the citizens of Utah a billion dollars according to Janalee Tobias.    Mrs. Tobias is an out spoken voice on the Wasatch front and throughout Utah against government corruption and the mistreatment of citizens by the government.

“Friends, this is unbelievable!!! Louis Berger Group should be/should have been fired immediately from working on the Utah State prison relocation project when they were disbarred this year!! We’re talking about A BILLION DOLLARS OF YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY IN TAXES AT STAKE WITH THE PRISON RELOCATION!! Is this old news or the best kept secret in Utah?” Janalee Tobias

The entire prison relocation project has been under a great deal of public scrutiny due to the amount of money it is costing the tax payer, the state attempting to put the prison in communities that don’t want it, and allegations of the project lining the pockets of the good old boy system.

This was a post on a thread talking about this issue;


If you would like to let Governor Herbert and the legislature know how you feel about this time is running out.

According to the Utah Politico Hub Governor Herbert call for a spacial session on this issue last Friday.

“Gov. Herbert calls special session of Utah State Legislature

SALT LAKE CITY (August 14, 2015) – Gov. Gary R. Herbert has issued a call
for a special session of the Utah State Legislature to address the Prison
Relocation Commission’s recommendations for the Utah State Prison.
“I have called the Legislature into a special session on their August
interim day to vote on the recommended site of the Prison Relocation
Commission and five other issues,” Gov. Herbert said.
Full text of the letter issuing the call is available here

Utah State Senator James Dabakis posted the following on his Facebook page today August 18, 2015;

“Tomorrow, we vote on prison relocation. The Utah Prison Relocation Commission’s consultant is the Louis Berger Group. The Group has had a series of recent ‘lapses’, one with corrupt payments to government officials.”

Tomorrow the state legislature will have a vote on this so now is the time to let them know how you feel about this.

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