Utahns Dislike Trump, Would Still Elect Him Over Clinton

A recently released Utah Voter Poll showed that Utahns have a low opinion of Donald Trump, but they’d still vote for him 54-46 over Hillary Clinton.

Trump has a net favorability rating of -51, but Clinton’s own net rating (-41) is also low and shows that most voters would rather vote for someone they don’t like from their own party than someone from the other party.

Respondents identified as 55% Republican, 30% Democrat, and 15% as Independent or Other.

For Utah’s senators, Mike Lee had a +3 rating (49-46) and Orrin Hatch had a -22 (33-55).

In the national races, only four presidential candidates have a net positive favorability rating: Ben Carson (+25), Carly Fiorina (+18), Marco Rubio (+14) and John Kasich (+7). Relatively speaking Scott Walker (-1) and Bernie Sanders (-3) did well. The six with the largest unfavorable ratings belong to Donald Trump (-51), Mike Huckabee (-46), Hillary Clinton (-41), Lindsay Graham (-38), Chris Christie (-36) and Rick Santorum (-36).

Mitt Romney won 72.8% of the vote in Utah in 2012, so Trump’s 54% would be a significant drop for a Republican candidate in this oh-so-red state. It would have been interesting to see what the margins would have been for Bush, Rubio, Walker, etc., against Hillary Clinton.

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