Why Utahns should and should not vote for Donald Trump


by John English
by John English

1. He would bring change. We don’t really know what kind, but we know it’ll happen.

2. His list of Supreme Court nominees is pretty good. Most of them on that list I know he isn’t actually considering (like Mike Lee), but it shows where his head’s at, and he demonstrated by the selection of Mike Pence as vice-president that sometimes, he does take the advice of those around him.

3. He’s the Republican nominee, and as such, the GOP-led House and Senate might be able to get more legislation passed. Once Paul Ryan is not his enemy, I can see Trump working with him.

4. He’s not Hillary Clinton.


1. In many ways, he’s worse than Hillary Clinton, and she’s going to win the election anyway. With no toss-up states, she’d win the electoral college 340-198. That’s by a bigger margin than Barack Obama bested Mitt Romney.

2. He’s a textbook narcissist and arguably the worst candidate for president from a major party in history.

3. It would send a message that Utah puts principle above party.

4. He’s not really a Republican. He’s a populist nationalist that encourages violence, prejudice, and paranoia.

5. He craves power so he can use and abuse it, and that’s not a good attribute in a vindictive man who can be baited with a tweet. Look at how he managed to turn the Khan family into a week-long story. He just cannot let any slight go.

6. He’s wildly, flamboyantly dishonest.
a. He said Bush knew about the 9/11 attack beforehand.
b. He said he was always against the war in Iraq when everyone’s heard him tell Howard Stern in 2002 otherwise.
c. He tried pushing stories like Ted Cruz’s father was behind the JFK assassination and that Cruz is a serial adulterer.
d. Said he didn’t tweet out “check out sex tape” on Alicia Machado when he certainly did just a few days before he asked.

7. He surrounds himself with thugs and bullies. Just look at Steve Bannon.

8. His man-crush on Vladimir Putin. He even encouraged Russia to influence the election.

9. David Duke and the Alt-Right Nazi fanboys love him.

10. The Access Hollywood tape reveals his mindset when he thinks he’s having a private, unrecorded conversation. He boasts about how being powerful lets him get away with doing whatever he wants to women.

11. The bigger the landslide loss for Trump, the easier it will be for normal Republicans to shoo the Alt-Reich out. Maybe they can go revive George Wallace’s American Independent Party.

12. The bigger the landslide loss for Trump, the easier it will be to diminish the influence of the conservative entertainment wing. For 25 years, people like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham have been railing against Republican leadership. By demanding purity, they’ve shrunk the party and it’s meant that the Republican has only won the popular vote once out of the past six presidential elections. It’s about to become one out of the last seven.

13. If Clinton’s as bad a president as some people think she will be, it should be easy for a normal Republican to beat her in 2020. A normal Republican that the party can be proud of.

Trey Gowdy, Marco Rubio, Nikki Haley, Tim Scott. I’m just sayin’.
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