UTGOP Held Press Conference on 119th birthday of Utah Statehood and the Caucus Convention System [UPH Wire]

UTGOP Held Press Conference on 119th birthday of Utah Statehood and the Caucus Convention System [UPH Wire]Dear Republican Friend,At a press conference held on the 119th birthday of Utah Statehood and the Caucus Convention System, the Utah Republican Party released polling results regarding its legal challenge to SB54. Survey results indicate that 60% of the general public support a legal challenge to resolve constitutional discrepancies contained in SB54. These results also show that approximately 60% of Republicans statewide do not support the law.

Additionally, 56% of registered voters surveyed said they support delaying implementation of the law when made aware that the Utah Republican Party may not be able to comply with the deadlines prescribed in SB54. Typically when a law such as this one imposes massive restructuring of an organization, there is a transition period before all requirements are to be met. This is not the case with SB54. However, the Utah Republican Party and the county parties will make every effort to comply by the deadlines.

Count My Vote and SB54 proponents claim that the new law gives more people the ability to participate in the election process and that Utah has low voter turnout. However, this claim is simply not true as Utah does not have a comparably low turnout rate. Utah, when compared to states that held primaries in 2012, ranked 23rd in voter turnout. Furthermore, in the Presidential General Elections from 2000 to 2012, Utah’s voter participation mirrored the national average within a few percentage points (to see the full reports that we are citing, click here).

Likewise, a recent BYU poll (Dec. 2014) showed 57% of Utah voters felt that low voter participation was actually due to non-competitive races, not from difficulties related to engaging in the system. This is reaffirmed when the Love/Matheson race of 2012 is considered. In the 2012 General Election, Utah’s overall voter turnout was 51%. However, in Congressional District 4 with the competitive Love/Matheson race, turnout of active voters was 80%. Clearly, the drive for higher voter turnout is found in a competitive two-party system, not the nomination process. Therefore, the arguments that the Republican Party and its Caucus Convention System are suppressing voter turnout are baseless.

According to Chairman James Evans, “It appears Count My Vote has employed a purity test on this issue and adopted a punitive stance toward those who don’t agree with them which has compelled the Party to engage more forcefully on this issue.”

Evans continued, “Anytime the public is asked if they would like more choices, almost always the answer is yes, but rarely do they want more choices at the expense of being unfair, and our polling results confirm this.”

Actions for 2015
1.      The Utah Republican Party has filed for an injunction to stay the enforcement of SB54 during the pendency of the lawsuit.2.      The Utah Republican Party will make every effort to comply with SB54, but will officially notify the Utah State Elections Officer if it is not able comply with its very aggressive timeline.

3.      The Utah Republican Party has decided to officially engage the Utah Legislature regarding SB54 and related bills, and will have a presence on the hill during this legislative session.

4.      Due to the amount of misinformation, the Utah Republican Party will engage in a statewide education campaign of the caucus/convention system, the Party’s primary system, and its legal challenge to SB54.

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