UTGOP Statement on Preliminary Injunction Hearing [UPH Wire]

Saturday, April 11th, 2015Contact: Julian Babbitt
Phone: (435) 574-1560

UTGOP Statement on Preliminary Injunction Hearing
Utah Republican Party Chairman James Evans released the following statement after District Court Judge Nuffer’s ruling on the Party’s motion for a preliminary injunction against SB54 (the compromise between the state legislature and Count My Vote):”As Chair of the Utah Republican Party, I look forward to taking our legal challenge through the next phase of the litigation process,” said Chairman James Evans. “Based upon Judge Nuffer’s remarks, the Party is confident that SB54 will be ruled unconstitutional in whole or in part. Judge Nuffer correctly noted that forcing political parties to open their primaries to unaffiliated voters represents ‘forced association.’ Political parties have well-established first amendment rights and the Party is determined to defend ours against encroachment from the state.”

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