A View from the Deplorable Side

By David Rogers
By David Rogers

I have studied the lives and histories of many accomplished individuals. One of my favorites is Utah notable Brigham Young. A man of remarkable achievements and unique character. A giant, a blending of the spiritual and pragmatic rolled into one. One of Brother Brigham’s tendencies was to allow anyone he met with to sit and do the talking initially in a meeting. He was convinced that through a few minutes of allowing a new acquaintance to speak he would have a firm gauge of the individual’s character. And he was almost always correct. Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton, the more she speaks, the more we understand her true character, and it is not encouraging.

In her comments in New York Clinton let slip a tidbit of this noteworthy character: “You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it. And, unfortunately, there are people like that. And he has lifted them up.”

Talk about a political bombshell! For those who only suspected that Clinton was a sheltered, out-of-touch elitist with an inherent disdain for others the proof is now front page news in clear black and white type. For a person constantly hurling racist stereotyping accusations at Trump, such an overgeneralized stereotyping is inexcusable. Even though she has backpedaled on the remarks, it clearly shows what the thought process is behind her world view. And never has a radical leftist been more exposed.

I have stated in past pieces that I will support Trump, if somewhat reluctantly. America is ill and needs real attention. I believe that Trump might actually be awakening to the critical condition of his patient. I do not consider myself a deplorable human being. I have never thought myself to be biased against any other class of people. We are, after all, one big human family. Cultural, racial and political differences can make things interesting, humorous, if sometimes volatile, but they should never be the criteria that define who we are. We are much more.

If we really want to view things that are deplorable, let’s look closely at just a few of the delicacies from Clinton’s actual history that could readily fill a “basket of deplorables”:

I think it is deplorable that a young Clinton could do her college thesis on a radical like Saul Alinksy, being well-known for her associations with the man, and never have the fact come to the forefront when she runs for Congress of for President.

I think it is deplorable that Hillary has promoted herself as a champion of women’s rights while threatening the participants, and often victims, of her husband’s extramarital indiscretions, demanding their silence, or else. And that is notwithstanding her eager reception of donations from the most repressive countries for women on earth.

I think it’s deplorable that Clinton’s well-documented disregard for the Secret Service, the military, and the police is not being discussed more publicly. She would have secret service agents hide behind the curtains in the White House so she did not have to see them. That alone should disqualify her for higher office.

I think Hillary’s tenure as a carpet bagger Senator in New York is deplorable, as her record shows she accomplished nothing. I think everyone in New York who voted for her is ignorant and should have their voting rights revoked.

I think Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State is beyond deplorable. She has single handedly set our foreign relations back decades. And do not even get started on serious stuff like Benghazi or nonsense like Russian reset buttons. And what is even more deplorable – the world is watching and wondering what the heck happened to America.

I think it is deplorable that the Democratic primary campaign was rigged from the inside. In states where Bernie Sanders was polling above 70% in independent exit polls, Clinton carries the day when the final votes are tallied. The only explanation: superdelegates.

I think it is deplorable that Clinton can give speeches to Wall Street groups for hundreds of thousands of dollars an hour and then pretend to blame them for our countries economic and social problems in campaign debates and speeches. Hypocrisy indeed!

I think it is deplorable that Hillary’s email scandal is covered up by the justice department and husband Bill has an impromptu meeting with Loretta Lynch during the investigation to talk about “golf and our grandkids.” FBI Director Comey then loses all credibility trying to rationalize departmental inaction. And just yesterday, the company that set up her server pleads the fifth or fails to show to a congressional investigative committee hearing. Bleach bit, hammers, and delete keys, oh my!

I think the whole Clinton foundation and pay for play corruption associated with Clinton’s tenure in the State Department is not only deplorable, it is treasonous. Thanks to her China now has our anti-missile technology and the Russians own a quarter of our uranium. Who knows what other gems she has “negotiated”? And where did all that money donated for Haitian relief ever wind up?

I think it is deplorable that the bulk of our mainstream media is not only in the bag for Clinton, but actively spinning and propagating her candidacy. As her health obviously fails, the press runs interference on every obfuscation of fact, as they do with every other potentially harmful issue. Patriotic Americans should be appalled at the behavior of our media.

This list could go on and on. But above all else, I find it deplorable that a citizen of this nation, and one privileged to hold high office at that, has sold out her country for her own personal gain and power. And it is deplorable that this same person will obscure, deny and lie incessantly in her bid for the highest office and honor known in this world. Perhaps the only thing more deplorable is that roughly half the country either does not understand any of this or does not care and would pull the lever for her in November.

It reinforces the fact that our whole political system is in unprecedented turmoil, and that on its face is deplorable for a country with the greatest system and freedoms in history. I believe that if Brigham Young were looking down on all this, he would find it deplorable too.

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