We’re Overdue for More Constitutional Amendments

by John English

As America gets further and further divided, it seems like we’re overdue for some Constitutional amendments to at least try to fix some of what’s broken about Washington.

The Supreme Court

Amendment XXVIII – 1. The Supreme Court shall be comprised of nine jurists, each appointed by the President of the United States, appointed to one eighteen-year term, with the advice and consent from Congress. 2. This will take effect on the first January after mid-terms upon passing of this Amendment. 3. Of the current jurists, the appointee who has been in longest will have two years left on their term; the appointee who has been in second-longest has four years left on their term, and so on. 4. In an event of a vacancy of a jurist’s seat before the end of their allotted term, the President shall appoint a new jurist. If that jurist is appointed with less than nine years left on the term, they may be appointed for a second term if the President so chooses. If there are more than nine years left on the term, they may not be reappointed.

The Electoral College

Amendment XXIX – 1. Each state will have the option of ranked-choice-voting for federal offices, where voters could rank their top-three candidates in the event there are three or more candidates available. Ballots would go through rounds until a candidate has 50% of the vote. Each round would eliminate who has the lowest amount of votes, and their next choice on the ballot would be moved to first. All candidates with less than 10% in the first round will be instantly eliminated. 2. Each state shall appoint its electors by the Presidential candidate who won the majority in each Congressional district. For example, if one candidate had the majority in six districts in a state with nine total, and a second candidate won the majority in the other three districts, then the first candidate would receive six Electoral votes and the second candidate would receive three.

The Senate

Amendment XXX – 1. Each state will have one Senator elected by popular vote, as designated in the 17th Amendment. This Senator may be elected for no more than three six-year terms. 2. Each state will have one Senator appointed by their state’s senate. This Senator may be appointed for no more than two six-year terms.

The House of Representatives

Amendment XXXI – 1. Every ten years, the Census will determine how many total seats there should be in the House of Representatives. There will be one seat for every 500,000 citizens, and the House will expand or retract every ten years to reflect this. 2. Representatives may be elected to no more than eight two-year terms.

The President

Amendment XXXII – 1. Every candidate for President must publicly release five consecutive years of tax returns that are within five years of said candidate filing for office. 2. Every candidate for President must be screened for Alzheimer’s/dementia and have those results publicly released. 3. Every candidate for President must be no less than 35 and no more than 75 years old, excepting a President running for a second term.

Do you have any other ideas for Constitutional amendments?

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