What free press?

The Fake News propaganda media has done more to destroy the free press in America than any possible adversary. The American public really hates the media, and they hate them because they are not getting the facts”. – Author and Journalist Mark Levin on XM Radio

By David Rogers

I am proud to say I cast my vote for Mitt Romney for Senate. I feel he is an experienced leader. But he missed badly in a recent essay posted on his campaign website. In this essay, he defends the press against President Trump’s criticisms, where Trump calls Fake News an enemy of the people. Note Trump said “Fake News”, not “Free Press”. I agree the free press is an essential cornerstone of Democracy. My question is, what free press are we talking about?

In Romney’s essay, he writes “The free press dispelled the false conspiracies about the 9/11 attacks, President Obama’s birth, and Joe McCarthy’s lurking communists. The work of a free press is essential.” He emphasizes the need for a free press to “inform the citizenry with fact and truth”, declaring this more necessary than ever. Here is the problem, has anyone in Mr. Romney’s circle actually watched any of the news lately? Fact and truth are missing in action.

Unfortunately, precious little free press is left in America. THAT is our biggest problem. I remember a time when the press went around searching for actual news to share a bigger window on the world with their viewers. Those days seem long gone. What we have now are corporate propaganda and disinformation machines, where journalism is missing and the hit-piece hoopla of the day is all you hear.

Tune in to ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times, Washington Post or so many other leftist controlled media outlets (Over 90% of our media are owned by six agenda-driven corporations). You will hear coordinated talking points shared across platforms each and every day. These talking points simultaneously push extreme left wing viewpoints and consistently denigrate President Trump. Russia-gate, Stormy Daniels, the Trump “offensive tweet of the day”, or whatever “racist”, “misogynist” shibboleth is on the menu, the attacks never cease. Did we ever once hear the press, any mainstream press, call President Obama a liar? Even though he misinformed the American people on a regular basis? Trump is so labeled every single day.

There are few actual journalists left in the ranks of the so-called press. What we have now is the Don Lemon, Joe Scarborough, Joy Behar political activist talking heads club. The press is nothing more than left-wing apparatchiks, for the most part, rarely performing actual journalism. Even Fox News will not let the truth be told outside certain boundaries. Recently, when Lou Dobbs started a series of exposés on George Soros, he was quickly shut down by his bosses.

It is time Romney and other Republicans opened their eyes to certain realities, to “awaken to our awful situation”. Much of our press is being controlled by elements unfavorable to the ideals of our free Republic. Over the last half-century, contemporaries such as Cleon Skousen and Ezra Taft Benson have warned about what we are now experiencing. I recommend the work of Joel Skousen today, who accurately details some of these difficulties.

Much of the freedom left in news may be found in the independent media. Amateur journalism aside, one can find more cogent information among names like Dave Hodges, Mike Adams, Doug Hagmann, Ben Shapiro or even the flamboyant Alex Jones. However, these independent voices are being corralled by the corporate platforms they utilize. Has Romney looked into the more pressing issue of censorship currently being exercised by Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and others? There is a coordinated effort to silence conservative voices across the country; certainly not in keeping with the principle of a free exchange of ideas.

In short, President Trump is correct. Where you have a controlled, propagandized media pushing hard on only one political viewpoint, neglecting the broader responsibilities that used to be tantamount to true journalism, you have institutions that are misinforming and misleading the public by default. These institutions are friendly to one side, virulently adversarial to the other. For years Republicans in Congress have been a bit shy about aggressive conservative legislation for fear of being eviscerated by this activist press. Thus the Progressive agenda has moved forward almost unchecked, that is until we elected a President who fights back against such monolithic ideological bullying.

“Enemy of the People” might be a bit rhetorically overheated, but the point is well illustrated. The controlled Fake News media is not doing us any favors. This compromised press is contributing mightily to the ideological divide in this country (while simultaneously blaming Trump). That certainly suggests they are no friend of mine or yours. What we need is a reformation of and return to an independent and free press, something painfully missing in our current discourse. I hope as our elected representative Senator Romney will more closely examine these critical issues.

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