What if Utah legislators were board games? [Publius Online]

Want to Play a Legislative Game

And now for something new and creative (and, as Cornflakes notes,an indication that someone over at Utah League of Cities and Towns has a lot of extra time on their hands): what if your legislator was a board game?

Brought to you by the Utah League of Cities and Towns, some of my favorites imagine Rep. Craig Hall as Batman (“Give him a cape, and he can do anything!”), the Utah House as a game of Monopoly (the Senate is apparently more of a “Secrets and Symbols” type game),  Rep. LaVar Christensen in 25 words or less (it should be “or more”), and Rep. Brad Dee as Admiral Adama in Battlestar Gallactica.

First, the Utah Senate (the Utah House is below):

The Utah Senate

The Utah House

Originally published at Publius Online.

(h/t Bryan Schott over at Utah Policy)


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