What If Utah Politicos were Simpson Characters…

We all know that there are no shortage of characters here in the political sphere in Utah.  So we decided to incorporate a few of them and see how they would stack up against the lovable characters from the Simpsons.

Jason Powers / Mr. Burns

jason powers

Both are incredibly smart and capable at what they do best.  However, the methodologies by which they use to achieve their means can be questionable at times.

Comic Book Guy / JM Bell

JMBell-comic book guy

I don’t think that anyone is going to disagree that there is anyone in the Utah political sphere that enjoys their comics more than JM Bell so naturally he would be a perfect fit as Comic Book Man in our “Simpson World”


Gayle Ruzicka / Helen Lovejoy


The quote by Helen Lovejoy is self-explanatory for this comparison.


John Swallow / Lionel Hutz

Again self-explanatory.  Both are lawyers who are finding themselves constantly in one shady deal after another.  As the Lt. Governor of Utah Spencer Cox once wrote “if people feel an inherent need to constantly record conversations they have with you, you are probably doing it wrong.”


Troy Mcclure / Todd Weiler  

troy mcclure todd weiler

Both are charismatic individuals who the media just can’t get enough of.  Always good for a soundbite as well. 


Chris Buttars / Grandpa Simpson


Besides the age comparison, whenever you are around either individual you just have no idea what’s about to happen or what they are about to say.  Though to his credit, I have never seen Chris Buttars on a viral video yelling “EPA! EPA!” at church.

Daryl Acumen & Thomas Wright / Lenny & Carl

thomas lenny and carl

Both Daryl/Thomas and Lenny/Carl are just the type of dudes that you would want to sit down at a bar with to have a drink with while they discuss their various political/nuclear plant war stories.


Howard Stephenson / Superintendent Chalmers

chalmers howard Stephenson

Beside the obvious physical similarities between the two, both have similar strong personality sets.  Whether it’s laying down the hammer at a city council meeting in West Valley over Utopia or yelling his personal catchphrase “Skinner!” both utilize their strong personality sets to convey the message they are trying to get across.


Sim Gill / Lisa Simpson

Sim Gill Lisa Simpson

Both are intelligent, idealistic, means well, writes poetry for some reason but they can both be lead astray at times with their idealism.  


Doug Wright / Kent Brockman

utah politicos kent dough

Well there are plenty of reporters that could have fit this bill but Doug Wright is a mainstay in the Utah political sphere and well…they both have gray hair.


Tony Yapias / Bumblebee man

bumblebee man tony

It’s a low hanging fruit I know but Tony does fit the bill quite well.


Ned flanders / LaVar Christensen


You’re not going to find a person who wears their religion more on their sleeves than Rep. Christensen nor will you find one who works on passing more legislative bills with a religious tone than him.  That being said, I can’t recall him ever “shrieking” with a high pitch squeal like Ned.  Maybe during the next legislative session?

Spencer Cox / Dr. Hibbert

spencer cox

Both men are incredibly articulate and smart but neither of them take themselves too seriously.  Both have a great sense of when to be jovial/goofy and when business needs to be done.

Your suggestions

So there are some notable characters that have been left off this list i.e. Homer, Bart and Marge to name a few.  Who do you think would fit the bill for those characters here in the Utah political sphere?



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