What Jim Dabakis said…and what he really meant.

Why Jim Dabakis said he got out of the race for Salt Lake City mayor:

What Jim Dabakis said...and what he really meant.


What Jim really meant:

WONK ALERT!!  I sat down with Jackie Biskupski this afternoon. I was the better candidate, but whatever. Jackie has been complaining and complaining for the last 9 days.  Jackie is a hell of a persuasive lady!  She decided that it would be best for me to leave the race.  She told me “Jim, put on your FB page, ‘I am endorsing Jackie for Mayor.’” This election is too long for me to for me to be involved (seven months!). Can you imagine being a progressive candidate in Utah fighting for votes, dollars and volunteers, and trying to convince voters that the current city status quo needs to change?

It is a fair question to ask why I decided to support Jackie now and not nine days ago.  Truth is, sometimes one doesn’t see the beach very often during a campaign. So, I’m out.  It’s too much work, and people were rooting for Jackie anyway. With me dropping out, Jackie has also agreed to return my website domain that she stole.

All money contributed to my mayoral campaign will be returned! (which is mostly my own money – which will also be returned)

I look forward to giving full focus back to my Senate work, including criticizing republicans for anything they do, and planning a major new initiative to get my name in the news for another 9 days.


The above is a satirical look at Utah State Senator Jim Dabakis’ brief, but noteworthy, campaign for Salt Lake City mayor. 

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