What’s changed? Funny you should ask…

By Jesse Harris

In the last few days, embattled Salt Lake County Deputy Recorder Julie Dole has been posting endorsements on her Facebook page from various elected officials and Republican Party officers. Well, sort of. All of them are from 2011 when she ran for Salt Lake County GOP Chair. It’s clear, though, that she’s intending to use those previous kind words and endorsements to weather the absolute storm going on right now as a result of the saga of Gary Ott (one in which she was an active participant before saying “I just work here”).

What follows is a gallery of old endorsements she has drug up to make it look like she has more support than she does, followed by the supposed endorser denying that insinuation, sometimes in quite strong terms. You can read these many juxtapositions and draw your own conclusions but to me, it doesn’t help me give Julie any more benefit of the doubt. I’m hopeful that the election process to replace Ott will agree.

Updated 08/15/2017 11:44AM: The Lieutenant Governor’s office has instructed Dole to remove all of the posts from her Facebook page. She has so far failed to comply.

The only question left is if Julie Dole will stop digging.

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