Who Made The Cut: State School Board Candidates Eliminated By Committee

Vote_12345It is a little like trying out for the high school basketball team — those days of crowding around the coach’s office hoping and praying that you made the latest cut just posted on the door.

It must be how State School Board candidates have been feeling after the Nominating and Recruiting Committee met last week to determine who would be eliminated before the interviews.

Of note, all incumbents that filed for office will move forward at this point.  Many vocal opponents of the Common Core were eliminated, but the committee DID NOT eliminate all of the candidates who oppose the Common Core.  In District 14, there are only three candidates – as such the committee will forward all three names to the Governor’s office and will not conduct interviews of those individuals.

Gather around, here is who made the cut:

District 1

Bryce B Day
David L Clark
Terryl Warner
Lydia Nuttal

District 2

Spencer F Stokes
Willard Z Maughan
Christie Moore
Jana Raw Shaw

District 3

Russell Bartholomew
Jared Hammer
Michael G. Jensen
Tracy Marz
Linda Hansen
Jeffery D. Meservy
Garrick Hall

District 5

Breck England
Amy Hayter
Marlo Oaks
Daniel Rip
Brent L Clyde
Mark Bouchard
Ruland Gill
Laura Collier Belnap

District 6

Dan Griffiths
Brittany Cummins
Liz Taylor
Melissa Johnson
Pat Rusk
Alan Kirkwood

District 9

Joel Wright
Kevin Braddy
Robin Allred
Joylin Lincoln
Heather Groom

District 14

Mike Miles
Mark Huntsman
Spencer Kimball

The Process

Last month all candidates who had filed for State School Board were asked to submit a resume and responses to the following questions:

Describe the qualifications and experiences you would bring to the State Board of Education and how they would be an asset to the work of the Board.

Name three key things you would like to accomplish as a member of the State Board of Education.  

What do you think are the two biggest issues or challenges facing public education in the state of Utah?  Why?

Describe the efforts you would make to communicate with your constituents and bring all stakeholders (state board, local boards, legislature, educators, and parents) together to enhance public education.

What would you do to improve the academic preparation of students as well as their transition to higher education or other post-high-school training?  

What do you see as your role in a public governing board?  

Then last Thursday the Nominating and Recruiting Committee met and after reviewing the resumes and responses, prioritized who would be moving on to the interview portion of the process. Candidates were notified of the committee’s decision by mail.

The Nominating and Recruiting Committee will now interview the remaining candidates in 15 minute time slots.  Following those interviews the committee will select at least three names from each district to forward on to the Governor.  From that list the Governor will select two candidates to appear on the November ballot.

If you’re counting, that makes three more cuts to survive before making the team.  Best of luck to all the candidates involved!

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