Why I left the party

by Gordon Jones
by Gordon Jones

The day after Donald Trump accepted the Republican nomination for the presidency, I changed my party registration from Republican to Unaffiliated, and resigned as Precinct Vice-Chair and State Delegate. Simply put, I cannot belong to a party that has Donald Trump at its head.

I cannot because Donald Trump is _________________________.

You can fill in the blank with your own predicate adjective. Heaven knows there are enough to choose from. My favorites include “amoral,” narcissistic,” “a megalomaniac,” “a sociopath.”

None of these have anything to do with policy, but if that’s your bent, you can choose from “ignorant,” “self-contradictory,” “unknown,” “a rent-seeker,” or “deluded.”

Or maybe your emphasis is on character. In that case, try “adulterous,” “insulting” (to any and all), “thin-skinned,” “revengeful,” “mendacious,” or “unstable.”

It is depressing that, despite the applicability of any and all of these descriptors, Trump continues to compete seriously for the White House in November. In my personal opinion, Trump will lose, and lose big, to perhaps the weakest candidate the Democrats have ever nominated. But I have been wrong in every prediction I have made about the election so far this cycle, and it is possible that Trump will win.

If I am wrong again, and he does win, I want to be sure that it is without any sign of approbation from me.

If I am right, on the Wednesday after the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, I will re-register as a Republican. But I strongly fear the Trumpian Taint will have destroyed the party as a viable political entity.

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