Why people listen to the Utah Eagle Forum

People often ask why people listen to the Utah Eagle forum. We’ve all seen and heard about the influence they have, but we rarely see how they are able to mobilize. Recently the UPH and myself were recently forwarded some e-mails from readers of UPH that shed some light just what makes them so darn effective.

A recent email from the Utah Eagle Forum mobilizing their troops
A recent email from the Utah Eagle Forum mobilizing their troops

Gayle Ruzika being interviewed for stories, quoted in the newspapers, sitting on the dais of a senate committee engaged in conversation.

We have also have heard the stories about the pull the Utah Eagle Forum has. Like how Gayle can nod, and pass a bill, or the notes she passes to members of the legislation during floor time.

“Why does the legislature put so much weight on Gayle Ruzika and her minions”

“The Eagle Form has too much power in our legislature”

“The caucus/convention system is because the Eagle Forum has too much say in the political process!”

“Those zealots at the Eagle Forum, they control our alcohol policy, that’s why I can’t get a good drink in this state!”

People listen to Gayle Ruzika and the Utah Eagle Forum because they work, and they work hard to get their message heard.

They have volunteers who pour over every bill. They have representation in every committee hearing. They talk and know each of the elected office holders in Utah.

There are some groups that I am more aligned with who could benefit from this type of action.

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