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By David Rogers
By David Rogers

I wonder how many people in this country could identify Julian Assange?

He is the founder of an inconvenient operation known as WikiLeaks. He is the individual responsible for digging up more dirt on people in power than anyone in history. He is an Australian-born entrepreneur who is currently living under asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. He is the person responsible for exposing widespread corruption around the DNC and the Clinton campaign (among others), recently releasing thousands of e-mails from Clinton insiders outlining massive legal and ethical violations surrounding campaign related operations and Clinton herself. He is an individual who has received numerous threats. He is the person about whom Hillary Clinton quipped “Can’t we just drone the guy”. He is the individual Larry Nichols (a former Clinton insider) warned that “Mark my words, if he is ever kicked out of the Ecuadorian Embassy he is dead within a week. You do not cross the Clintons like that and live.” He is the person that may have just revealed we no longer have control of our own election process.

Julian Assange, via his WikiLeaks e-mail dumps, has indeed attempted to shed light on the internal machinations of our current political process. He is accused by the mainstream media, the DNC, the Clinton campaign and many others of attempting to influence the presidential election. There is even the effort to blame all of his actions partially or completely on the Russians. The Clinton response to all of the information being released is to pivot to this allegation; it is the Russians trying to fool with America. Strange how it would supposedly take the Russians to reveal the inner workings of a corrupt system when that is the job our media, that glorious fourth estate, should have been doing all along.

What the emails do reveal is quite interesting and should be disturbing to anyone concerned with the integrity of our political process. It shows direct collusion with the Democrats and the mainstream media. They show unequivocally that the mainstream media is no longer a source of journalistic integrity, but a propaganda machine for the left (a point I have pounded on for years). And indeed the media is soft and positive on Clinton and relentlessly hammers Trump, to a degree heretofore unseen in any previous election.

They also show Clinton and Clinton’s surrogate’s disdain for many things, including the laws and policies that governed her office as Secretary of State, the average voter, minorities, anyone with a conservative bent, especially the alt-right media. They reveal the DNC’s devotion to throwing the primaries in favor of Clinton to rousing media applause and an unkind (to say the least) attitude toward Bernie Sanders. And most concerning of all, they discuss plans and strategies to rig the current election in favor of Clinton.

If all of this sounds far-fetched, a bit of video history showing actual ballot boxes being stuffed during the primaries can be seen here:

Donald Trump is being denounced vehemently across the media for dwelling on the idea that the elections are rigged. President Obama publicly noted the absurdity of assuming our system could be tampered with, “Rigging an election…What, what does that even mean?” Indeed what does that mean if Trump is correct? And how interesting is it that the system cannot be rigged according to Obama, yet he then says we now need Federal and even U.N. monitoring at voting stations to assure the process is not tampered with.

The shady side of the Clinton’s has been available to the public for some time. Dick Morris, D’Nesh D’Souza, Peter Schweitzer and many others have published volumes about the Clintons’ immoral and extra-legal exploits. WikiLeaks is revealing more in-depth corruption, and it appears as though the Clintons may have trouble with the current allegations. Time will tell.  What WikiLeaks reveals even further is how this corruption permeates the political system in general, and the election process in particular. The Clintons may well be the next puppet inserted at the whim of larger controlling influences. Assuming all of this evidence is legitimate, it should shake the very foundations of our Democracy.

It has been a fundamental tenet of our system that our leadership is to be chosen by the voice of the people, through a long-established voting process. What if all of this new information points to the disturbing conclusion that we may not actually be engaged in that process and that our executive branch has been selected for us and placed in power by someone or something outside the voice of the people? If the WikiLeaks information proves accurate, the whole election process may have been reduced to an elaborate melodrama, with no actual effect on the results. And this may have been happening for some time (remember all the precincts in 2012 that voted 100% for Obama, a statistical impossibility).

This may sound incredible to many. The problem is that such allegations are difficult to prove, unlike the good old days when Democrats just filled buses with voters and drove them to numerous locations to vote again and again. Plenty of witnesses. But the evidence is beginning to mount, as the WikiLeaks revelations are spurring ordinary citizens to heightened awareness, which is being reflected widely in social media and other alternative sources.

A little digging reveals some interesting facts about the voting machines used in 38 of our 50 states. In 22 states, electronic voting machines are supplied by a company called Election Services Corporation (ESC), originally founded in Florida. This company is now owned 100% by a company called SCYTL, located in Spain, allegedly heavily owned or influenced by George Soros. A second company, Dominion Voting Systems, operates in 16 states and is owned by a Canadian company, also with alleged ties to Soros and a donor to the Clinton Foundation. ESC claims a hack proof, foolproof voting system. In 2011 a group of University of Michigan graduate students hacked in and put the Wolverine fight song all over the system just to prove them wrong. Most concerning here is that the majority of vote counting in our country is controlled by machines supplied and serviced by foreign entities with questionable security.

Fox News reported on Wednesday that dozens of early voters in Texas had lodged complaints that the machines they were voting on flipped their vote for Trump to Clinton. Yesterday similar complaints arose in Georgia and Florida. One Georgia voter claimed she voted the straight Republican Party ticket and when her vote was recorded she noted that all the Republican candidates were checked except for the President, which registered as Hillary Clinton. Just one of many stories (and downplayed by the media as a problem with old or isolated machines) can be found here:–regional-govt–politics/georgia-voting-machine-suspected-flipping-presidential-votes/woKEUgpDDEyaw9o4J318XJ/

And a telling video recorded by a voter is shown here:

Is this a perfect storm of conspiracy, manipulation, and outright fraud? Would we be delusional to trust the mainstream media and their polls? While the media downplays these incidences, social media is awash in concerns and claims of vote flipping. Private insider polls, deemed non-scientific by the paid pollsters, are showing margins as high as 60% to 30% for Trump. That certainly does not reflect what we hear through Reuters, CNN or Clear Politics, whose own “official” polls are bombarded with accusations of manipulation and bias. What are we to make of these continuous revelations? Where is the actual reality in all this? Are we voting for a President, or has that President already been selected for us? If you review the nonchalance with which the Clinton campaign has been run and what the mainstream media tells us each day, the second conclusion looks more and more likely.

Whether you view him as a patriot, criminal, or simply an opportunist, Julian Assange’s revelations should be a wake-up call for anyone concerned with the integrity of our democratic process. With the future of America clearly on the line, there should be a clear and fair election process. Our candidates should be thoroughly, and more importantly, honestly vetted with straightforward reporting to the citizens who have a responsibility to make an informed voting decision. The voice of the people should be heard, and the people should have a fair chance to know what they are saying when they vote. With all of the problems we face, a cloud over our elections is another problem we just do not need. It is obvious that our elected representatives and each voting individual must take responsibility for understanding and seeking an appropriate resolution to the difficult issues that are before us. Otherwise, we may indeed face a loss of our constitutional liberties.

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